Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stride Rite's SRT Collection

My children have all learned to walk at different times...August at 11 months, Martha at 13 months, and Hazel took her first solo steps at 9 months (way too early for my last baby). But no matter when your little one starts moving, you want good shoes on their feet...shoes that won't stifle their growth and development.

Stride Rite has a new collection called SRT (Sensory Response Technology). This collection is the result of an extensive research study on how to reduce the number of stumbles and falls all while promoting a healthy lifelong walking pattern.

Shoes in the SRT collection have sensory pads that offer multiple reaction points which give your child a better feel of their walking terrain on gravel, smooth surfaces, grass, etc. These shoes also have an hourglass construction footbed which mirror's your baby's foot structure allowing great support for developing bones and muscles.

If you have a new walker on your hands, check out the SRT collection at striderite.com.

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