Monday, October 19, 2009

Plain Mary: Breast Cancer Awareness

I wrote about Plain Mary's amazing Kensington Baby Play Mats last year. And for Hazel's first 9 months of life, not a day went by that she wasn't on her amazingly soft and quilted mat. And despite the spills and spit up it encountered in it's daily use, there is not a stain on it. Everything washed right out! The fabric is practically bullet-proof...while being the softest thing in the house!

The other great thing about the Kensington Baby Play Mat, now looking forward, is that it's something that I will always have. I'm debating whether to make it an heirloom, or if it should be a parade/soccer game watching mat. But whatever I decide, it will definitely continue to be used for years and years!

But now, in addition to it being a wonderful product, there's another great reason to purchase one...20% of the proceeds from the sale will to go the National Breast Cancer Foundation! In fact, 20% of all sales of Plain Mary products found on their PINK page, will be donated through October 31! This includes their super cute miniature suitcases, burp clothes, bibs, and shirts!

Visit to view their PINK collection! You'll love your products, and you'll be giving to a good cause!

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