Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Simply Silhouettes

Hazel turned one last week and it's official, I want to freeze time and turn her into Peter Pan so she can never grow up. She's walking, beginning to talk, tells animated jokes with her limited sounds and entire body, and is simply as cute as can be. Oh, and she doesn't talk back. I want to bronze the entire girl just as she is. But instead, I had a silhouette made.

Silhouettes are timeless. They capture your child in an outline. It's almost magical how it one shape can summarize your child. But somehow, it does. When mine arrived, I literally ooh and aahed.

Simply Silhouettes did an amazing job. They were easy to work with and economical. I simply took profile photos of each child, visited their website, filled out a form selecting the style, colors, and text that best fit my decor, and emailed my photos. I received proofs to finalize in just a few days, and before I knew it, I was holing pieces of quality paper that somehow captured my children and their individual personalities.

Visit to get started. What a wonderful gift they'd make this holiday season!

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