Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Construction Site Playset

There are many advantages to having children...having someone to care for you in your old age, the tax deduction, viewing holidays through their eyes, etc. But one of my favorites is that I can sit outside of construction sites and watch buildings go up, areas get excavated, and see large machinery at work.

I'm always in awe of construction sites and how it all comes together. Luckily my children also enjoy watching. In fact, one of my favorite memories is once watching a local grocery store being demolished and the operator of the power shovel waving to my son August...and then having the worker maneuver the arm of the power shovel to wave at him. What an amazing gift!

If you have a construction lover on your holiday shopping list, you need to know that Pottery Barn Kid's Construction Site Playset is now on clearance...from $129 to only $59! And like all of their other wooden playsets, the quality can't be beat!

Included are 4 square floor pieces, 8 large rectangular floor pieces, 20 beams, 16 cinder blocks, 12 bricks, and a hanging pallet. Add the office, construction workers, wrecking ball and felt play mat for more excitement on the worksite (also on clearance).

Visit to see all of the pieces and to order.

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