Monday, January 4, 2010


Whether your New Year's resolution is to be healthier, cut costs, or get a bit greener, I think I've discovered a product that will help. I know it's made many positive changes in my family! It's SodaStream.

SodaStream is a countertop appliance (the size of a coffee maker) that has enabled my family and me to make soda and sparkling water at home with just our tap water! It doesn't use any batteries or electricity...just a reusable CO2 carbonator bottle (provided by SodaStream).

When you first receive your SodaStream, you simply screw in the carbonating bottle and fill the water bottle up to the line with your tap water. Then you attach the bottle to the machine (different methods depending on the machine you purchase) and then push the button (the more you push it the more your water will carbonate). VoilĂ ! You have sparkling water! And there's no clean up required!

To turn your sparkling water into soda using your home soda maker you use one of the 25 different soda flavors available...just add a capful of the mix. And with SodaStream's mixes your soda will contain 2/3 less sugar, calories, carbs and sodium than regular store-bought soda. And there are diet flavors available as well that are of course sugar-free, and contain less sodium than store-bought diet flavors...and they contain no aspartame.

There are a few different models to choose from when purchasing a SodaStream. My family has the Penguin (we named him Petey). He is the most expensive of the models but he was chosen because of his great style (he has a permanent spot on the kitchen counter so I wanted something I didn't mind looking at) and because the Penguin uses all glass bottles.

My family is not a big soda-drinking one. It's not something we keep regularly stocked in the refrigerator and my children know it's a treat when they drink it (about once a month with store-bought soda but a bit more frequently since Petey joined the family). But we are huge sparkling water drinkers. And with cans of sparkling water costing a pretty penny, I appreciate that the cost of seltzer with SodaStream starts at just 17¢ per liter; soda starts at just 42¢ per liter. And if you're an energy drink purchaser, you'll want to know that you can make your own with SodaStream's Energy Drink mix for about 25¢ per serving.

In recent months, SodaStream products have appeared in Time Magazine, Food and Wine, Popular Science, The Wall Street Journal, and countless newspaper articles. I have a feeling SodaStream will soon be a recognizable counter-top appliance in the majority of homes. Especially those of families looking to raise healthy children, cut down on costs and unnecessary packaging.

Visit to learn more and to see the various machines available. Prices start at $89.95 for the Fountain Jet and go up to $199.95 for the Penguin (there are two other options inbetween those models). And all starter kits are currently on sale so it's a great time to give SodaStream a try! And with coupon code AC you'll save an additional $10.00!

And post a comment if you have SodaStream or purchase one...I'll want to hear your thoughts and am sure other readers would as well!

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