Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My little Hazel is reaching many milestones these days...she's jumping off the ground with both feet, she's feeding herself with a spoon, she's learning five new signs a day, and she's taking her hat and mittens off on her own. The last one is less exciting than the others since it's the dead of winter here in Wisconsin with another 13" of snow added to the ground today. It sure is a good thing that her pair of mimiTENS arrived this week!

mimiTENS makes hats, scarfs and the most amazing mittens for little ones...mittens that prevent drafts up sleeves and mittens that children who should not be taking off their mittens can't take off. And all of their products feature the most fun and adorable designs. But in addition to the designs, mimiTENS makes these great products under equally great standards.

mimiTENS are designed and manufactured in Canada where people are paid a living wage and work in safe environments. There is a great relationship between the craftsmen/women and mimiTENS...they're able to form relationships face-to-face. And all lining in the products is made with Oeko Tex certified bamboo fleece for obvious environmental and health concerns. Those are just a few of the reasons mimiTENS feel so great to wear! Now if only they'd come up with an adult size!

Visit mimitens.com to see the full line of products and to purchase.

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