Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics Crafts

The 2010 Winter Olympics begin tonight in Vancouver, Canada. My children and I are excited to watch the opening games and all of the upcoming events over the next couple of weeks! I have a lot of art projects and activities planned along the way as well to educate them about the history and meaning behind the games.

If you'd like to have your children join in all of the excitement surrounding the Olympics, here are a few of my favorite activities my family will be working on...and some other resources to get you started finding some additional activities.
  • The Vancouver 2010 Olympics site has some great games, a video and an online store where you can purchase mascot products. Aren't these little guys adorable?!
  • Craft Jr. has some templates for children to make the Vancouver mascots as well as links to some Olympics word searches and other activity pages.
  • Here is a how-to for chenille hockey sticks (apparently they're not pipe cleaners any more...they're now called chenilles).
  • I found a great 3-D ski jump project (one of my favorite winter Olympics events). I'm excited to make this one.
  • Here is a cute ski project that would be good for younger children.
  • For older children, these salt dough ice skates are adorable!
  • Here is a site with a lot of printable Olympics activities.
  • And of course there are many different ways to make the rings. Here is a paper plate version as well as a tissue paper one. I think we're going to do the tissue paper version.
I hope you enjoy everything the Olympics have to offer these next 16 days and that you take the time to explain to your children why they are important, how they make the entire world stop in peace and some friendly competition. And that some day, if they work hard, they too could find themselves wearing gold!

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  1. Love your ideas, and always enjoy your blog. I laughed reading "apparently they're not pipe cleaners any more, they are now called chenilles.)

    I was at Michael's recently and asked where they had chenilles because they were on a list of things I was requested to purchase for my son's class. When the employee walked me back to where they were, I said, "These are pipe cleaners!" She stared at me like I was .. well ... old! Hmmmm...she may have had a point!