Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AeroBed for Kids

Our family travels a lot...not necessarily extravagant trips, but overnight ones nonetheless. And with a family of 5 (plus two pets to find care for), figuring out logistics is key. One product that has made a huge improvement financially and strategically is the AeroBed for Kids!

I first wrote about the AeroBed for Kids on Ugga Mugga a year and a half ago when I made my first purchase. But now that I've had quite a few more experiences with it, and that I just noticed it's marked down 33% plus free shipping on Amazon, I thought I'd give it another well-deserved shout out.

When my family travels, we usually stay in hotel rooms with the business suite layout so that our children have the lounge area equipped with the pullout couch/bed and my husband and I get the separate bedroom. This enables us adults to stay up watching a movie instead of turning in early with our children for the night. We can also then get up earlier, shower and get ready without disturbing them in the mornings.

After a few trial and error attempts with various room and sleeping arrangements, we've perfected our routine and it is now well-orchestrated. Our son August gets the pullout couch bed, our oldest daughter Martha sleeps on the AeroBed for Kids, and Hazel is in the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper...but not for much longer. Which is why I was on Amazon looking at the price of the AeroBed. I'll be making another purchase in the near future for some upcoming trips we're taking.

The AeroBed for Kids sets up amazingly fast and packs away just as quick. It's light and small and really, I simply can't say enough great things about it! Especially with the 33% off and free shipping at amazon.com! If you're planning a Spring Break trip with your family or thinking about upcoming summer vacations, give the AeroBed for Kids a try!

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