Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buddha Board

Last month a friend and I took our oldest daughters out to eat and to the ballet. It was a wonderful double date full of good food, a beautiful performance, and an introduction to Buddha Board. Since that day, I have purchased a handful of Buddha Board products...including the three mini boards that have become a staple in my everyday bag.

Buddha Board makes eco-friendly water painting surface boards that my children (and I) love! When we are out for coffee or at a restaurant, I simply get a small glass of water, pull out the boards and my children go to town painting with the enclosed brush on the magical board. As the water makes contact with the board the painting shows up...and it fades as it dries. To give you an idea of how long it takes for the painting to disappear, my children usually complete at least three paintings in one sitting.

In addition to the Mini Buddha Boards I carry with me on a daily basis, there are two other models as well...the Laptop Buddha Board (also called Water Wizard) which is a larger version of the fliptop mini board and the Original Buddha Board, a stand-alone permanent board. These two are great at-home options!

Although I have discussed my children's love of this painting medium, I should also mention that the act of painting and watching it disappear is quite relaxing for adults too. I'm hooked myself...and I've already given my brother a board as a gift since he fell in love using my son's board while him and I were out for a glass of wine one night.

Visit to learn more about their family of products. They are also available to purchase directly from Buddha Board or on where some models ship free! And keep in mind all of the summer birthday parties approaching...the Mini Buddha Boards come in a gift packaging that is perfect for giving!

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