Monday, May 24, 2010

1¢ Agoo Leg Huggers

I've written about Agoo Leg Huggers before and how I always have a pair on hand for diaper changes in the Wisconsin winters, to keep my little one's knees protected when they're learning to crawl on our hardwood floors, and for summer day trips when the weather takes an unexpected chilly turn.

If you haven't purchased any Leg Huggers yet, now is the time to give them a try! Agoo is selling Leg Huggers for only 1¢! There is no catch...order only one pair for 1¢ or more than one pair and your first pair will be 1¢ and the rest will be regular price ($10-$12). What am amazing time to order Leg Huggers for your little boy or girl!

They work on baby legs and arms scrunched up and on toddlers and older children as well! Talk about a long-term investment!

Visit to start browsing their extensive collection today!

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  1. awe they aren't doing it anymore