Monday, August 23, 2010

My Scratch Map

When our son was born six years ago, I blew up a vintage map we had, applied it to a cork board and framed it. Since then, we've added map tacks to each place our children have been. Coming back from a trip and placing the tacks has become a favorite pastime for us. And covering the map is a goal for this travel-loving mother! If you're like me, but more high-tech and savvy, you'll love My Scratch Map!

I recently met with representatives from IWOOT (stands for I Want One Of Those), makers of My Scratch Map at the New York International Gift Fair. I loved being in their booth...and it wasn't just because of their sexy British accents. Their products were great! This one being no exception.

This global map is gold foil upon arrival in the safe storage tube (although it's certainly frameable). As you travel, you can scratch off each destination...and the map becomea more colorful! What a wonderfully rewarding thing for a child (or yourself) to do! Who doesn't love scratch offs?!

Available at for approximately $23.00. They are currently sold out, but you can pre-order for the next shipment that arrives the first week of September...which is what I'm doing. I'm ordering one for my world-traveling father for his birthday...shhh, don't tell him!

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