Monday, August 9, 2010


With three children, there are times I simply do not have as many hands as I need. Sometimes I want Martha to stay close to Hazel's stroller, and that can be a difficult task for her. She wants to run ahead or lag behind, which is find for leisurely walks. But when we're at flea markets or walking to parades or festivals, I like her to stay close. That's why I'm thrilled I discovered tag*a*long!

Naptime Industries is the maker of tag*a*long, a stroller handle that attaches in seconds. It's a great option for older siblings who no longer use a stroller. It keeps them close while still providing them with the freedom that is so important at the preschool age.

I've noticed that asking Martha to hold the handle instead of simply asking her to stay close to the stroller is a much more visual and concrete concept, which is helpful to ease her frustration...and mine!

The tag*a*long is available at and for $9.99 in the four fun colors shown above.

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