Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I was introducted to Aladdin, a food storage company, when I attended the International Gift Fair in New York in August. I was impressed with their products and couldn't wait to try them. I've had the opportunity to this past week and have to say, I'm so happy I've discovered them!

I have many stainless steel products to tote food, but none of them are truly leak-proof, even if they say they are. I learned this the hard way this past summer when I attempted to take a caprese salad to the beach...I got there only to discover olive oil and red wine vinaigrette covering the inside of my lunch bag. I am happy to report I will no longer have that problem.

Aladdin has some amazing food jars in both stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. The tops securely screw on and there is no leakage whatsoever! It's perfect for salads with dressings and even soup!

My other favorite products of theirs is the Recycled & Recyclable Snack Container. It's BPA-free and is made from, you guessed it, 100% recycled food grade polypropylene...and it can be recycled when you no longer use it. The top opens two ways for both small and large snacks and the hard shell of the container keeps them from getting smashed in your bag.

Aladdin's travel mugs are sturdy and obviously high quality...and I love a built-to-last product! There are collections for children, luxe collections with great designs for stylish parents and some in between...although for me, the line is blurred on them all. I didn't see anything that not everyone in my family would be happy to use.

Visit for more information and to shop their online store.

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