Wednesday, December 15, 2010


When I started Ugga Mugga three years ago I invested a substantial amount of time researching business cards. I knew it would be a commitment and that I'd have them for some's not like I'm an ambulance-chaser handing my cards out all over town.

After much searching, I chose MOO's MiniCards,and I am so glad that I did! But not only for business purposes!

I've placed orders for MiniCards for personal use as well. I have quite a collection of cards with tiny photos of the kids on them; when we're sitting at story time or during one of August or Marthas' zoo classes, I'll pull them out and Hazel and I look through them. They're adorable and the size really captures only what's important...none of the distractions in a photo. It's a great way to look back on memories!

But back to my MOO business cards... They make a statement and even when in New York this summer at the International Gift Fair everyone I met and handed a card to commented on them...even Jonathan Adler himself! Now that says a lot!

The MiniCards are about half the size of a traditional business card, which I like. They're not bulky and they stand out when in a stack. They're also incredibly sturdy and thick...the quality is amazing! And then there's the case (I have the hard plastic one that slides)...when I pull it out to get a card comments are made.  Every. Time.

In addition to the MiniCards there are sticker books that are super fun to make for kids, as well as note cards, postcards, and traditional-sized business cards.

Check out to see their're sure to turn heads if you do! Maybe even Jonathan Adler's!

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