Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ugga Mugga Events

My how time flies! As many of you have noticed, I've stepped away from the blog this past month...for many different reasons. With Thanksgiving, and now the countdown to Christmas, things have been busy. I've also started teaching some preschool art classes in my area and creating those lesson plans and projects on top of the homeschooling curriculum for August has taken some getting used to (although I've got that all down now). But the main reason for my step back from Ugga Mugga, the blog, is to focus on Ugga Mugga Events!

My new project is a culmination of all things I love: art, children, and creative event planning (my job prior to being called MAMA). I'm thrilled to say that I am now for hire if you're looking for some assistance planning your child's birthday party, or simply want me to help with the the form of a special craft keepsake!

If you live in Southeastern Wisconsin and want to work together (although I'll travel anywhere if you want to fly me out of this bitter winter weather!), visit to learn more! And for the rest of you, the blog will be back up and running now...I'm off to write a few posts now! Many exciting things to come!

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