Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby Hip Hugger

My little Hazel is now two and not so little. But seeing as she's the baby of the family, she still wants to be carried a lot...and since she's the last child, I want to hold her a lot. Although my desire is strong, my arms are not always as tough.

I've been using a Baby Hip Hugger in the house to tote her around...but I only have to do half the amount of work. It's a cross between carrying and balancing with the help of the tilted seat (which really helps my back).

There are no crazy straps to keep straight and this carrier goes on in a second flat! And the storage pocket (à la a fanny pack) is large enough to hold your keys, phone and spending money. And the color options are great and even include a denim fabric!

Baby Hip Hugger comes in two sizes: baby and toddler. The baby size can be used from the time children can sit on their own to about 10 months (or 22 pounds). The toddler size can be used until your child is 36 months (or 40 pounds). I'm glad I've got a ways to go!

Visit to learn more about the Baby Hip Hugger or to purchase. Also available at for a few dollars less.

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