Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No More Rack

I'm excited about this new daily deals site I discovered today: No More Rack. It's full of amazing discounts...up to 90% off of great brands. Today's deal, for example, was Rock & Republic jeans (normally $265) for only $68! Unfortunately, they were sold out by the time I found the site. But I can guarantee I'll be watching it closely in the future!

Besides the high-quality products, my other favorite thing about No More Rack is that shipping is not only fair, it's cheap...only $2.00 an item! I've got to say there have been many-a-time I've added things to my cart only to walk away from the purchase after discovering the $8.95 shipping for a $10 shirt...not such a deal after all.

Follow this link to sign up and receive a $10 credit towards your first purchase. Happy shopping!

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