Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kristen's Fairy House

The kids and I watched a magical movie yesterday afternoon, Kristen's Fairy House. It's a documentary-style movie that is only 40 minutes long...and each minute is beautiful, simple, relaxing and inspiring.

This film is a true story that follows a little girl named Kristen and her Aunt Tracy (Kane), a storybook artist, as they take a week-long vacation to an island off of Maine. They build fairy houses, Aunt Tracy sketches, and they simply enjoy the outdoors and all the magic it has to offer.

Aunt Tracy says that being an artist isn't about learning to draw, it's about learning how to see. I love that lesson for my children! And I love that they immediately started sketching fairy house plans for when the snow melts. It's going to be a magical summer!

Kristen's Fairy House is $13.49 at and ships FREE with any $25 order. Why not add some of Tracy Kane's fairy-inspired books to go with it?! There's Fairy Houses, Fairy Boat, and Fairy Flight...all sure to make your little one view the world as a more magical place than they did day before!

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