Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

With a name like Shannon, St. Patrick's Day is guaranteed to be a big day for my family! This year I've come across some themed crafts that are exceptionally clever and cute! My three little leprechauns and I will be spending some time creating and crafting in the morning before we get together with our clan!

These spoon leprechauns are adorable and would make a great decoration to bring out and stick in a plant pot each year! (Photo and craft idea from Preschool Daze.)

This rainbow sponge painting idea from Teach Preschool is an easy last minute St. Patrick's Day craft with endless possibilities! Help your child add a pot of gold, birds, clouds, and the fingerprint shamrock idea found below to add personality to their rainbow!

I'm about to run to the store for a few of the items needed to make these hand-drawn leprechauns...and I need to remember to ask the clerk where they keep chenilles (the politically correct term for pipe cleaners). The last time I asked a young craft store employee for pipe cleaners she looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. Can't wait to see how these little guys turn out! (Photo and craft idea from Last Minute Mel.)

In between crafts, treat your kids to a rainbow snack similar to the muffin tin meals I posted about years ago. They'll be sure to enjoy working their way through the colors...and onto the next craft! (Photo and color ideas courtesy of justJENN.)

Any craft that enables me to capture the pint-size stage of my growing children is special in my book. If Childmade's fingertip shamrocks and clovers and Meet The Dubiens' hand print leprechauns turn out half as cute as I'm expecting, this Irish girl may just frame and hang them year round!

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