Monday, November 5, 2012

Go Vote

Our children are our future.  I, like all parents, will have my children and their children's children in mind tomorrow as I cast my ballot for President and the direction I think is best for our great country.  And I'll have my children by my side, as I have each and every election since February 2004 when my first child was born.

I remember going to vote with my parents; I was one of the few children in the room, despite it being my elementary school's gymnasium.  I assume most parents voted during the day to avoid having to take their children with them.  I was fortunate that my parents usually waited until they picked me up, and then I tagged along.  It felt like a secret club.  I loved going behind the curtain with them and watching them complete their ballot.  Eight year old me couldn't even imagine being old enough to vote.  But here I am, with an eight year old of my well as a six year old and days-away-from-4 year old.

My entourage of three are almost always the only children in the community center when we go to vote.  We're a homeschooling family so our voting times are much more flexible than others, but still it surprises me each election.  Especially when my husband, who votes before or after work (school hours) says there are little to no children present.

Tomorrow, I urge you to take your children with you to your polling location.  They will experience the process of voting, see how important it is to you, learn the routine, and know each person in our country has a voice.  Children learn by seeing and doing...not just hearing.  They will be more likely to grasp the importance of an election much more by seeing it in action.   Besides, they'll get a free sticker!

God bless your families.  And God bless America.

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