Saturday, October 18, 2008

Justin's Nut Butter

A week or so ago my husband and I took our children apple picking at an orchard near our house. We picked quite a few different varieties and since then, haven't stopped snacking on them...with Justin's Nut Butter.

Our favorite is the Maple Almond has a subtle maple flavor that is great with the mild almond butter. It's also great on bananas, toast, or just squeezed into your son's favorite way of eating it on the go.

Justin's Nut Butter is now being sold at Starbuck's coffee locations if you'd like to try a small amount prior to purchasing a box or jar...which you'll want to do if you like it so it's always on hand. Great for storing in your purse or diaper bag, or even in your car, for when hunger strikes!

Visit to see their different flavors and for purchase information.

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