Monday, October 20, 2008

Tweezerman Baby Manicure Set

I was at a newborn well visit with my son August years ago and asked the doctor when I could begin cutting his nails. She said I could start that day. I said, "That's great news, can you cut them first?" as I pulled out a baby nail clipper...I was terrified to do it...that I'd injure my newborn son. So I watched her clip his nails with ease and am happy to report that it's been smooth sailing ever since. And it's a good thing see as though my husband still hasn't cut the nails of our children, or our dog (who we've had for nearly 9 years) due to his inability to get over his fear. I am the family manicurist.

And this family manicurist has her eye on the Tweezerman Baby Manicure Set. After all, Tweezerman makes the best tools and I use their products for myself...why shouldn't my children?

Included are four perfectly miniaturized manicure tools customized specially for the safe and gentle care of sweet little fingers and toes. The nail brush removes dirt and germs from under nails, the nail clipper and nail scissors have safety features to assist parents and the nail file is great for smoothing each edge to prevent nails from catching and scratching.

Available at for $30.00.

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