Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Things

I just read a piece from MOMformation titled 25 Random Things About Being a Mom. If you're on Facebook, that will sound familiar as you've most likely been tagged to write 16 or 25 random things about yourself...which I found to be a therapeutic exercise. So, like MOMformation writer Kristina Sauerwein proposed, I tag all of you to write your own random things about being a parent. I'll go are 15 of mine:
  1. I never dreamed I'd have three husband and I had thought we'd stop at two.
  2. Although I've held some wonderful positions in my professional career, I always dreamed of being a stay-at-home mother, but didn't know if it would be possible. I'm thankful every day it is! Well, almost every day.
  3. Contrary to what most people admit, I love each of my children differently...equally, but differently.
  4. I'm proud that my two oldest children have my husband and my sarcastic sense of humor...and hope our youngest develops it as well when she starts talking.
  5. I love to watch my husband share his love of gardening with our children.
  6. I always thought I'd have all boys...but now love having two girls. Talk to me again when they're teenagers.
  7. I've never seen a Star Wars movie...and the Star Wars knowledge I now possess is proof I love my son more than myself.
  8. I'm proud my girls aren't girlie girls...I don't know that I'd know what to do if they were.
  9. I swell with pride when people comment on how well-behaved my children are in public (and I am glad those same people don't see us at home).
  10. I love buying hair accessories for my daughter Martha now that she has was a difficult year and a half wait for it to grow in!
  11. I love to cook and bake with my children. I'm proud that they already possess the nutritional knowledge needed for a healthy life and why eating healthy is so important.
  12. I fear I've passed along my heart trouble to my children...and now understand the look in my father's eyes when I was wheeled in for heart surgery six years ago.
  13. I can't believe, despite all of the warnings, how quickly time flies as a the years seem like days (although some days seem like years).
  14. I hope my children ban together and all decide to move to a climate warmer than our current Wisconsin location...somewhere we can see the seasons change, but where we actually have a Spring. Therein lies my only chance to escape.
  15. Nothing makes me happier than listening to my children talk to each other. My husband likens their little conversations to book club discussions...they're thoughtful, deep and sensitive. Just like them.
So there you have it...random things about my parenting life. So now you're it...write your own. You are more than welcome to post them in the comments section for us all to learn from, or on your own for personal reflection. Either way, I know you'll enjoy the experience. You don't realize how much you've achieved or learned until you sit down to think about it!

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