Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday Traditions

Today is my son August's 5th birthday. I can not put into words how quickly time has it seems like yesterday I was picking my husband up from work to go to the hospital. Yes, I drove to pick him up...and he actually kept me waiting...for more than a few minutes. But who's counting (the minutes) after 5 years? Surely not me. Surely he doesn't still hear about it...on a world-wide blog! Oops! I digress...

Here is what our day looks like on one of our children's birthdays:
  1. The birthday child awake to a door covered with hanging streamers they get to run through.
  2. Gifts are opened (non-birthday children receive one gift).
  3. We eat breakfast...birthday child picks...usually donuts.
  4. We drive to Milwaukee and take their photo with a particular lion statue in Lake Park...the only witness to my husband's proposal nine years ago.
  5. We eat lunch at of our favorite places.
  6. We hit a few stores, go to a museum, and usually stop at Whole Foods while we're in town.
  7. Head home to any activities the birthday child has planned (it'll be all Star Wars and Legos this year I'm sure).
  8. We have dinner...obviously the birthday child picks. Recipe below.
  9. We sing Happy Birthday and eat cake.
  10. We go to sleep exhausted...and a year older if it's your birthday!
So that is what my day will look like today. My favorite part will be taking my son's photo with the lion. When our son's first birthday was approaching, I began thinking of a tradition to start that would document his growth in a meaningful way...and for us, the lion photo does just that!

My husband and I enjoy making the trek up the lighthouse path (now three times a year) like we did on the night he proposed...and seeing our children play where he asked me to marry him...where our family was first born in a promise. We hold hands, smile, and look at each other knowing that what we have is special...that we are truly fortunate. And our children love to compare their growth to the lion each year.

I suggest taking your child's photo each year in the same place or with the same object to watch them grow. It can be with their lovie, in a doorway in your home, or next to a tree in your'll love looking back each year at how much your baby has grown right before your very eyes!

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  1. Shannon, just love the photos of August by the lion. He will love it when he's older. It'll be great to see them altogether one day. Happy Birthday, August!!! Love, The Schultzes