Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Tracy Anderson Method

Tracy Anderson is the petite women behind toned bodies like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna...she's their personal trainer. And now, she can be yours too! There is a new line of workout DVDs titled The Tracy Anderson Method...and there is sure to be one to suit you. There is a mat workout, cardio workout, and post-pregnancy workout. And Ms. Anderson knows a thing or two about post-pregnancy as she is a mother herself.

Losing my pregnancy weight proved more difficult this time around. After my first two pregnancies I really didn't have to workout much. Breastfeeding and eating healthy seemed to do most of the work for me. But this time it was different and the weight appeared to be more stubborn. I don't know if it was because I'm now in my 30s, or because it's winter and I lack motivation, or if it was because Hazel is my third child and I struggled to find time to commit. But I know I had to work hard this time! But am glad I did!

If you're intrigued by the thought of these DVDs, you can take a few sneak peaks on YouTube (which I did before I purchased them). You could also group together with a couple of girlfriends and each buy one and switch off to keep your muscles awake and more money in your pocketbook. But the luxury of not having to pack and travel to the gym or yoga studio is priceless to me and helped to keep me motivated...there's something about those extra 30 minutes that always talk me out of a workout.

All DVDs are available at Tracy Anderson's Amazon store at for $29.95 each where they SHIP FREE!

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  1. Maybe I'd feel more motivated if she came to my house and worked out with me while the kids play in the pool with the nanny, ala Gwyneth! aaahhh now that would be nice ;)