Friday, May 15, 2009

Alora Ambiance

One of my favorite local shops to visit in Milwaukee's Third Ward is Freckle Face...a children's boutique full of many wonderful products my children and I love. And it doesn't hurt that the store smells great with the help of Alora Ambiance's Bella fragrance!

Alora Ambiance brought the concept of diffusers to America after living in Lake Como, Italy years ago. Many companies have tried to duplicate their wicking method, and all have fallen short. Alora Ambiance remain on top and are the #1 home fragrance brand at Barneys New York...quite an accomplishment!

With 16 difference scents to choose from, there is most likely a diffuser for every home and fragrance preference...everything from a sophisticated vanilla to woody florals. I have tried the Bella (a soft floral mix of lemon, ylang ylang and ginger root) and the Bimbi (a clean mix of lavender, chamomile, bergamot and rose). Bella is neutral and lovely for really any room...not too overpowering. Bimbi was specifically designed for baby nurseries, and is also said to be great for laundry rooms. From my experience, I really enjoyed the lightness of it and could see (or smell) it used anywhere in my home.

Visit to read descriptions of all of their fragrances and to purchase. Vial samples are available, which I think is a great idea!

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