Friday, May 15, 2009

Signature Home Fragrance

A couple of months ago I was shopping in Milwaukee's Third Ward and realized that each time I stepped inside of a store, I could instantly recognize the store by scent.

Yes, perhaps I shop too much...or perhaps each store just has brilliant branding right down to the sense of smell. A brand image that only someone who might, perhaps, maybe shop a bit more often than the average person would recognize. But it got me thinking that I'd like a signature scent for my own home.

I instantly had visions of my children returning home to celebrate Christmas their first year of college and walking in the door, taking a deep breath, and realized they smelled home. If you're rolling your eyes, that's fine, my husband did too when I told him the story behind my most recent purchase.

There are two home fragrances that I think are worth checking from Alora Ambiance and the other from Aspen Bay Candles's Capri Blue line.

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