Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I recently discovered Innate, the maker of some stainless steel products I don't know how I lived without. There are three in particular I'd like to bring to your attention.

First up is the Me-Me ($17 CAD). These sippy cups come in three colors: Gurly Pink, Puff Blue and Whirled Peas Green. It has an amazing shape that is spill resistant due to the silicone valve. It's easy for your little one to hold and for you to clean since all of the parts are removable.

Next up is the MC2 ($17 CAD), a container program that includes a stainless steel bottom with a food-grade silicone lid.

This is perfect to take to work to transport your lunch. The stainless is safe for your food, and if you want to warm up your soup or pasta, simply pop up the lid and put it in the microwave.

The MC2 is also great for your kid's lunches...imagine the wow factor at the table when your child pops out the bowl. It's sure to make lunch time more interesting...pack some vegetables in it and they just might not come home!

And lastly, the product I'm most excited to have found is the Kaze ($25 CAD), a modular stainless steel vacuum bottle. Here's what this is necessary for: any time you want to drink coffee when your children are around. In other words, every day!

The Kaze is a leak-proof thermos with a push button stopper for sipping on the go. I took it to my daughter's story time today and appreciated that spilling wasn't an option as I carried my baby to and from the car.

It features a double-wall vacuum that keeps hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold...for up to 10 hours! Perfect for me since it usually takes me all day to finish my pot of coffee with all of my errands and fetching for the kids.

Visit to see their other products and to purchase.

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