Saturday, September 26, 2009

Paper Dolls

My son was gifted with a paper cut art gift yesterday reminiscent of paper snowflakes by a girl in his class. He's actually been receiving a gift a week thus far from little girls...what a lady's man! But I digress... Back to the paper crafts...

So when we arrived home yesterday, we began cutting out our own projects, which reminded me of paper dolls...which was how we ended up spending our entire afternoon.

I looked online for some templates to share and thought the ones at Kiddley were cute enough to pass along. I love the monster and alien designs and think they'll be perfect for making Halloween decorations for next month. But yesterday we made the boys and the fairies...complete with cut out shirts and pants and extra little wands glued on! What a great way to spend a gloomy afternoon!

Click here for the templates...or make up your own! The sky is the limit!

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