Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Paint

A few friends recently asked for winter craft ideas to do with their kids. I was thinking about some of my favorites I've done with my own children over the years and one that rose to the top of the list was snow painting.

The picture here is my son August the first time we tried it a few years ago. We finger painted the background and then snow painted the snowman and snow falling from the sky. We decorated the little guy with small twigs from the yard and cloves in place of coal. Since then we've also added a toothpick colored orange with marker for the carrot nose.

To make your own batch of snow paint, mix equal parts white glue and old fashioned foam shaving cream. Beat for a minute or two. You can add coloring to it or glitter at this time too. Pouring it back into squeeze bottles works well or adding it to a bowl to use a paintbrush or hands is extra fun! The foamy paint will dry puffed because the glue hardens around the air.

If you want to do a sensory activity with it you can add any toys that can be washed off and hide them in the white stuff and they can discover what's inside! It's a bit messy, but really, anything truly fun usually is! Enjoy!

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  1. This was a hit! Thanks. The kids got a kick out of the fluffy snow and real twigs for arms.