Monday, February 22, 2010

Siliskin Glasses

Silikids, a leader in safe silicone products for children, has a new product available: Siliskin glasses.

These great-looking 6 oz. glasses are small enough for my little ones to hold comfortably and safely because of the silicone cover on the glass. They get a good grip on the glass and feel confident they won't drop it.

But since Hazel is just learning to drink from a glass now that she's 15 months old, my confidence that the glass won't drop does not meet hers. I'm thankful these glasses are virtually unbreakable due to the silicone cover.

Silikids glasses are available in the two colors shown here, lime and aqua, for $7.95 each. Visit to purchase where you will receive 10% off with coupon code SILIBABY!

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