Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picasso Head

Hazel has been a bit crabby all day today and turned in early for the night leaving August and Martha alone with Mr. Mugga and me. We split up for some quality one-on-one time while it rained cats and dogs outside. In our time together, Martha and I discovered Picasso Head.

This free site allows you to click and drage Picassoesque images to the black board to create your own masterpiece. You can flip them, rotate them, change their size and even their color. When you're finished, you can save them by a random name or email them as an e-painting!

We had a great time picking our eyes, ears, noses and hair and talking about what expression we saw and if our fantasy people resembled anyone we knew. It was a great time using our imaginations and laughing together.

Visit to create your own work of art with your mini Picasso!

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