Thursday, August 19, 2010

Target on Gilt Groupe

I promise I'm not obsessed with Gilt Groupe...really, I'm not. It's just a coincidence that my last post was about them. Truly. With that said, I have exciting news to share...about Gilt Groupe.

Beginning tomorrow, August 20th, at noon, Target will be offering three new collaborations exclusively on Gilt prior to them being available in stores. The three designers featured are Tucker fashions, Mulberry bags, and Jon Derian decoupage.

If you're interested in purchasing (and if you're familiar with them, I'm sure you are!), get online early because there are a limited number of products available...and only through the weekend. If you miss the boat on this offer, you'll have to wait until September 12th and October 10th for the launches of these designers in Target stores.

You need an invitation to shop here is yours! Click here to register for happy discount shopping!

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