Sunday, September 19, 2010

Goody Spin Pins

I have been so busy...very excitedly busy! I've seen Oprah Winfrey once and Martha Stewart twice! Can you even believe it?! You do all remember my daughter's name is Martha, don't you? It's been amazing! I'll write more about it later...but for now, like Oprah, I want to tell you about one of my new Favorite Things! Goody Spin Pins!

As I sat with the rest of the Oprah crowd, I watched a women pull two Spin Pins out of her purse and put up a no-fuss bun in 2 seconds flat! I was amazed! As a woman with very long hair who loves to try different styles (and spends way too much time doing so), I had to find out what they I asked. The gracious women who flew across the country to be in the Oprah studio audience was amazingly kind and gave me a lesson. The next day I picked up a pair.

They do take some practice and time getting used to, but I've now tried many different styles with them and have even used them in Martha's hair...all with great success. Right now I have three small messy buns at the nape of my neck...something that took about 30 bobby pins and 20 minutes before now only took me 2 minutes and 3 Spin Pins! I'm in LOVE! As Martha Stewart would say, "They're a good thing!"

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