Thursday, December 13, 2012


Stick-lets has been a dream come true for my family of builders.  These LITTLE flexible pieces have made GIANT improvements to our outdoor fort creations! 

We've used them to create kid-size forts in our yard, as well as fairy houses for my daughters' dreams.  This winter, after the thrill of snow has passed, I plan on taking them indoors to build a tent for the kids to sleep in. 

The Stick-lets starter kit is only $10.99 and includes 1 of each color/shape (monarch orange, starfish red, huckleberry blue, grasshopper green, and birch bark white), as well as 3 birch dowels and a 5" x 7" natural muslin bag carrier which also acts as your fort flag.

Carrying these little guys into the woods is easy and exciting, as only limitless toys can be!  My kids love finding the perfect location to build their forts and choose each stick carefully.  The only trouble I've found with out-of-our-yard building is notifying the kids it's time to disassemble their creations.  I try to ease the news by comparing it to the numerous snowmen they've built:  "There will be time to build a new one on the next hike (snowstorm)...until then you can work out plans to make it even grander!" So far so tears.

To purchase your starter pack, head over to the Stick-lets online shop at

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